Grishko Fouette (aka Nikolay) Pointe Shoe Last And Models Built On It

Grishko Fouette Pointe Shoe Last & Models Built On It!

Grishko Fouette pointe shoes are not really spoken about. Mostly because not many retailers carry them and they are a very old model. However, over the years Grishko/Nikolay have developed many models on the Grishko Fouette last with amazing features!

So get comfortable and watch my indepth video below with all the vital information!

In this video, not only do I explain in detail about the Grishko/Nikolay Fouette last and the models built on it, I also speak about:

– Pro and Proflex.
– Shank construction and strength variations and how they feel and choosing shank strengths.
– The difference in box pastes/glues plus info about tropicana glue.
– Choosing Grishko/Nikolay pointe shoe models.
– The guide featured in the catalog.
– How if you are a dancer who already wears Fouette how much of a great idea it is to try the other models built on Fouette and how they vary and feel.
– My personal experiences wearing Fouette pointe shoes and the models built on Fouette.
– Custom Order (also known as special order) options (plus find more about Grishko/Nikolay special order pointe shoes in this video:
– What models are available in vegan option from the Fouette last.

grishko maya 1 nikolay maya 1 pointe shoes

For those curious. The models spoken about (including the Fouette last itself):

– Fouette
– Fouette Pro
– Fouette Proflex
– Ulanova 1
– Ulanova 1 Pro
– Ulanova 1 Proflex
– Maya 1
– Maya 1 Pro
– Maya 1 Proflex
– Triumph
– Triumph Pro
– Super Triumph
– Super Triumph Pre Arched

Here’s some handy info from Grishko/Nikolay themselves.
But, like I always say: Be sure to try on the huge variety of shoes regardless of what they say suits your foot type – because often you will be surprised! I have fitted many dancers who apparently wouldn’t work in a certain model by the info provided but they do.

Also here’s a handy spreadsheet I made about the features between models built on Fouette last:

As a Grishko Master Pointe Shoe Fitter – I know the shoes inside out! So if you have any questions do drop me an email. And I also offer in person pointe shoe fittings and virtual pointe shoe fittings.

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