How To Shorten Pointe Shoe Vamps (shortening cutting resewing pointe shoe short vamp)

After alot of requests on how I shorten my pointe shoe vamps, and those of you seeking a pointe shoe short vamp I have finally done a video tutorial on how to do it!

Cutting pointe shoe vamps is a practice that is done when a dancer has short toes and needs a shoe with a shorter vamp in order to achieve demi pointe and, full pointe correctly in her shoes.

Please note: If a dancer is not getting on her platform of her shoe, it could also be down to the shank strength and also ankle flexibility. So please consult an experienced pointe shoe fitter first and a dance teacher before deciding to do this. If you need any help in person, I am a pointe shoe fitter and can come and fit you and help with any problems 🙂

You can also of course order custom/special order pointe shoes with a vamp made lower. (Which, I myself do). I can help you with this. So please feel free to email me for any help!

I cut the vamps of my pointe shoes down when I don’t have a custom order pair ready to wear or when I’m experimenting with a new pointe shoe style and want to see how low I want the vamp to go.

Most dancers end up going for 1cm shorter in the vamp. It’s quite rare that a dancer will order lower. But then this does depend on the style of pointe shoe too.

Please practice this on OLD SHOES FIRST! I cannot stress this enough! It takes some getting used to but once you have the hang of it it will only take around half an hour.

The video!:

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