How To Find The Perfect Pointe Shoes – A Video Guide

How To Find The Perfect Pointe Shoes!

Finding the perfect pointe shoes can be an incredibly frustrating experience.
It can take a dancer YEARS to find THE pointe shoe!

Some dancers are lucky and find that the shoe they are fitted with is the shoe they like and stick with.
However, for those of us (like me!) You may find yourself unable to find the perfect pointe shoe for you.
But, don’t fear! As a pointe shoe fitter who has a ton of experience with many brands and styles I am here to help and guide you through the important factors on finding the right pointe shoes for you!

I also speak about Grishko pointe shoe models and how so many people are unaware of just how many models Grishko do and how there is a Grishko pointe shoe model for everyone.
I also go into detail about custom order (also known as special order) pointe shoes by Grishko and show you my own personal Grishko pointe shoes that I have special ordered.

So many shops just want to make a quick sale from you and don’t tend to put enough passion, time and energy into helping you with realizing what you require… Ensuring you have a great, dedicated pointe shoe fitter is also key!

Please watch the video below… And remember, I am available for pointe shoe fitting. I travel all over England!
So if you want to be fitter by me, just drop a mail! 🙂

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