Big Toe Pain En Pointe – How To Cure & Prevent It Pointe Shoe Fitting & Problems

Big Toe Pain En Pointe – How To Cure And Prevent It!

Big toe pain en pointe is one of the most common problems with ballet dancers.
In this video I explain the most common problems for your big toe pain en pointe to help you discover your potential cause and most importantly, how to solve it and prevent it from happening again.

Maybe your pointe shoes are dead? Maybe they do not fit and support you correctly? Perhaps they are too long or too wide or maybe even both? Could you possibly have an ingrown toenail? A bruised toenail? Or even toenail fungus. Watch this video to learn more and to hopefully solve the painful issue many dancers who dance en pointe face!

Remember: I am a professional, experienced pointe shoe fitter and specialist and Grishko Stockist. I can travel to you or your dance school to provide a thorough pointe shoe fitting.

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