Mobile Professional Pointe Shoe Fitting Expert Pointe Shoe Fitting In Essex London & Beyond!

Professional Pointe Shoe Fitting In Essex, London & The UK!

Professional Pointe shoe fitting in Essex, London & The Entire UK! I have even fitted abroad!

I’m Leanne, an official UK Grishko Stockist and also a Mobile Pointe Shoe Fitter.
Also one (of very few!) deemed as a Grishko Master Pointe Shoe Fitter!
If you would like references – just contact me. I have many.
You can find some at:

I am a highly experienced pointe shoe fitter providing a thorough indepth pointe shoe fitting service and I am also a retailer with a premises where you can come for a pointe shoe fitting directly. I only travel out when invited and I need a certain number of dancers at the same place in order to make it worth my while. The number of dancers will vary depending on how far away you are.

I serve Essex, Suffolk, London, Kent, Herts and beyond! Happy to travel anywhere!
I have even done fittings abroad!

Find out more about my thorough indepth pointe shoe fitting services by clicking here!

I fit everyone. No matter if you are a total beginner or an adult returning to pointe work! I fit many full time ballet school students at prestigious ballet schools too.

I am a highly in demand fitter and get booked far in advance. I have never not been able to fit someone.

I stock a wide variety of Grishko pointe shoes in various styles, sizes, widths and shanks. I can even help with custom order pointe shoes too which are made to measure and can feature various adjustments to your specifications!

I also stock plenty of accessories including toe pads, gel pads, mesh pointe shoe bags, suede pointe shoe caps, ribbons, elastics and more. Plus I offer soft ballet shoes, demi pointe shoes, dancewear etc.

I’m a dancer myself and still take ballet class. I studied the B.A.T.D syllabus.
I also take classes at other schools in London and beyond.

I stock Grishko pointe shoes only. This is due to the fact I have tried pretty much every brand out there and feel Grishko to be far superior.
Grishko pointe shoes tend to last longer and support the feet to a high degree.
They are suited to a wide variety of foot types and there are so many options to choose from!
The brand itself has the most variations to suit all feet and strengths. So many box shapes, profile heights, variations in wings, pastes, shanks, side quarters, heel heights, satins and many more!

I stock the widest range of Grishko pointe shoe models and strengths in the entire UK!

I also produce helpful videos about ballet, pointe shoes, dance wear reviews and much more over at:

Please find my Facebook fan page for pointe shoe fitting and more over at:

My instagram account can be found at:

Getting the correct fitting with pointe shoes is incredibly important. So many shops just want your money and don’t really care about the dancer! I am here to ensure you get a perfect fit and to help you discover the pointe shoe best suited to your feet!

I can also help with any problems you may be having. Perhaps you keep getting blisters in a certain area? Or maybe a bruised toenail? Or maybe you have bunions which need a shoe to suit them and to take away some of the pain? I can help!

I also give excellent information to students new to pointe work.

My pointe shoe fittings are very thorough. I pride myself on giving each dancer the time they need in order to discover the best pair of pointe shoes for them.
Dancers who have been fitted by me tell me I have given them the most thorough, intricate pointe fitting they have ever had. For feedback please see my Facebook and ask me if you require more references. I have tons of people who can vouch for my services!

I have always managed to assist dancers with any issues they may be having too. So many dancers are in shoes that are badly fitted. So many dancers are also in pain… The right pointe shoes should not be causing pain. Feet also change over time so it’s imported to be fitted professionally.

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During a pointe shoe fitting with me I will also advise you of ways to look after your pointe shoes and tips and tricks for extending their life.

To ask any questions or to book an appointment please feel free to contact me on:

pointe shoe fitter pointe shoe specialist essex london beyond grishko straight to the pointe ballet

Many references are available.
Happy to give advice and help. Any level! New to pointe, advanced students, adults, adults new to pointe, anyone! 🙂

I have provided pointe shoe fitting for dancers getting their very first pointe shoes all the way through to professional ballerinas. I have fitted for some dance schools, dance colleges and assosications such as: The Royal Ballet School Assosicates, Central School Of Ballet, Sylvia Young Theatre School, Tring Park Assosciates, Tring Park School For The Performing Arts, Pineapple Dance Studios, Tiffany Theatre College, Performers College, Bird College, Elmhurst Ballet School, Singer Stage School, London Russian Ballet School, The Urdang Academy, English Youth Ballet, Rambert School Of Ballet And Contempory Dance, The Place, Graham School Of Theatre Arts, Anglia Region Theatre School, Expressions Theatre Arts, San Marie Stage School, The Finch Stage School and many more.

Still being a dancer myself, I know just how important it is to achieve the perfect fitting pair of pointe shoes that provide comfort, support and last.

Be sure to check out my blog posts on my main page of my site:

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