dancemania review – Bloch Suprima Pointe Ballet Shoes and Mirella Whisper Pointe Shoes

dancemania review

Today I will be giving you my review of the dancewear website and shop called dancemania and Bloch Suprima Pointe shoes.

Dancemania can be found at:

Plus their pointe shoe range at:

They are an online shop and also have an actual premises! You can find them at:
Unit 3, Benridge Business Park
Holyrood Close

Shopping online on the website was a breeze and the site has a great navigation and a swift checkout process for which I used PayPal.

My item arrived very fast and they also supplied a returns label. Which was handy, because my original order was for Mirella pointe shoes in the style called Whisper. Sadly these shoes were not suited to my feet so I had to return them and decided to return them for Bloch Suprima.
The return took a while to process – just over a week.

Here’s a video review, the written review and photos are below 🙂


First off, lets give you guys a quick review on the Mirella Whisper pointe shoes. Some of you won’t of heard of the fact that Mirella even do pointe shoes, lol. I have no idea how long they have been doing pointe shoes for but I do know that they aren’t sold in many places here in England.

PHOTOS (click to enlarge)

The Whisper shoe features a high vamp (much higher than the photographs I’ve seen online). Infact, I compared it to a Grishko 2007 and it was even longer than the 2007!

The shoe has a somewhat low-medium profile.

Whisper features a semi tapered box. The box itself is quite flexible and not rock solid. The box is abit padded and features a toe cushion at the end made of a foam like material which some dancers may find annoying but I’m sure you can rip it out.

Due to the shoe being semi tapered the platform is of a medium size.

I do believe this shoe comes in one shank only. The shank felt like a cross between a Grishko soft and medium. Quite flexible at the 3 quarter mark. Infact, I think it even was 3 quartered.

This shoe seems to only come in 3 widths. X, XX and XXX. I had the X width as I have narrow feet. The width was fine. I guess you can only wear this shoe if you have a narrow foot or a medium foot. Certainly not a wide foot for sure! I wear an X or XX in Grishko and the X was fine. Just to give you an idea of how the width fits.

For me the shoe did not work due to the fact the vamp was far too long for my toe configuration. This shoe is suited to those of you with medium – longer toes and a toe configuration that is tapered or semi tapered.
The shank is ideal for both beginner and advanced dancers due to the fact it has enough strength but also good flexibility.


These shoes were one of my first pairs of pointe shoes. They are great as a first shoe or if you need something off the rack that fits narrow feet. Personally I am a Grishko girl. When you find your shoe you find your shoe 🙂 this isn’t to say that nobody else should try it though!

PHOTOS (click to enlarge)

The Suprima features a low vamp. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s super low – it isn’t. It’s more on the medium side of low if that makes sense!

The profile of this pointe shoe is low.

Tapered box and the box is quite squishy. The thing I hate most about Bloch pointe shoes is the fact I personally prefer a hard box that isn’t going to die after a few wears. I do believe you can custom order Bloch shoes though.
I have never liked the materials used in the box of Bloch pointe shoes. But hey, each to their own! If you are a beginner you will like the softness of the box. When you are a beginner a softer box is ideal so you can get used to being en pointe and getting more on your platform.

The platform is small but that is to be expected because it is a tapered pointe shoe! The platform is smaller than some tapered pointe shoes I have tried though. Just to let you know!

Standard shank but I won’t lie – I find Bloch standard shanks a nightmare to break in and getting them to melt into your arch… They recommend just doing barre to break in their shoes but personally I find I have to do alot of manual work with my hands to make them mould to my feet. I have never liked how Bloch pointe shoe shanks don’t tend to mould and melt into the arch like other brands… The standard shanks are pretty thick. Again, everyone is different and likes different things… So, if you like stiff shanks that don’t mould well or maybe you are a beginner? Then these shoes will be fine.
I have also found in my experience that Bloch pointe shoe shanks tend to have a more likely chance of snapping. This is due to the science… Think about it… A pointe shoe that is 3 quartered and/or moulds better to the arch of a dancer is likely to last longer than a shoe with a shank that doesn’t mould and just goes straight down… When a shank doesn’t mould to a dancer’s arch/foot it takes too much pressure and snaps!
Again, you can custom order their shoes. And I have seen dancers who do like their pointe shoes. So please just try and see what works for you! It’s all about trial and error 🙂
This shoe also comes in a strong shank option.

I have a super narrow foot and the narrowest width they do is B. I still found that B width isn’t narrow enough for me personally. I do believe these shoes go upto a E width. Therefore plenty of options for a variety of feet.

This shoe is without a doubt suited to those of you with tapered or semi tapered toes. You must also have a low profile foot and toes of a short – medium length.
It’s also better for a narrow foot. Suited to both beginners and advance dancers.


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