Pointe Shoe Collection

Pointe Shoe Collection

At last, I have finally made 2 videos showing my pointe shoe collection!
Sorry for the delay in videos lately but I have been incredibly busy with work and my other jobs.

In these videos which I have uploaded to YouTube (subscribe to my channel by going to www.youtube.com/straighttothepointe), I go through my current pointe shoe collection showing you every pair and speaking about them in detail. I also give some great advice regarding pointe shoes and some handy tips.

I have had many other brands in the past but they are either in the rubbish or been sold (new enough and not broken in so can sell on).

Some of the brands featured in these videos include: Grishko, Bloch, Gaynor Minden, Sansha, Gamba, Russian Pointe and Suffolk.

If you have any questions or requested please feel free to contact me.
And remember, I am a pointe shoe fitter so can come fit you in person! 🙂



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