Toe Pads For Pointe Shoes Plus Other Pointe Shoe Fitting Accessories All You Need To Know!

Toe Pads For Pointe Shoes and more…

Do you want to learn more about toe pads for pointe shoes and other pointe shoe fitting accessories?! Well, you have come to the right place!

Today I am going to inform you about a huge variety of toe pads available for pointe shoes plus other accessories such as toe spacers, toe tape, bunion protectors, jelly tips, big toe socks and more.

I am a pointe shoe fitter so come across various foot and toe issues with regards to pointe shoes.
Plus, I also do ballet myself. So, I totally know where dancers with pain and issues are coming from!

I have made this informative video which you can watch below on my YouTube channel:

Here are some images of various toe pads for pointe shoes and pointe shoe fitting accessories available:

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