Pointe Shoe Fitting

Pointe Shoe Fitting


Welcome to my website! I specialise in pointe shoe fitting. I provide a mobile pointe shoe fitting service which means I can travel directly to your dance school or home and spend quality time getting the perfect fitting pointe shoes.

I am very thorough with my pointe shoe fitting, and being a dancer myself I know all too well the troubles that can arise from incorrect pointe shoes and the importance of keeping feet healthy and strong. Which, of course, a correctly fitted pointe shoe can help achieve.

Many references are available about my pointe shoe fitting service and can be found at my facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/tothepointefitting

Dancers whom are both new to pointe – right upto professional level are welcome. Including adult ballet students who may have recently gone back to ballet after a long break. 🙂

I can help with any pointe shoe fitting problems you may be facing, and I can also help you with special order pointe shoes which can be made to exact specifications.

Feel free to contact me on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tothepointefitting
Email: leanne@straighttothepointe.net

Here are a few photos of pointe shoe fittings I have done:


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