Vegan Pointe Shoes – Available Worldwide! Special Order Grishko

Vegan Pointe Shoes – Grishko

Vegan Pointe shoes are available as special order and I can indeed send them worldwide.

Are you located abroad? Then knowing your exact model, size, width and shank in a Grishko pointe shoe will be vital prior to ordering.

Grishko special order pointe shoes can also have a variety of aspects of the shoe changed to suit your requirements.

With vegan pointe shoes, the sole is changed from leather or suede to a cellulose material.
All Grishko ballet slippers (soft shoes) can also be made vegan.

Grishko pointe shoes are all made in Russia by hand to the highest of standards.
There is a Grishko pointe shoe model to suit all types of feet and strength.

Based in Essex in England – I am a pointe shoe fitter who travels the country helping dancers achieve that perfect fit.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me 🙂 by clicking here.

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vegan pointe shoes by Grishko – cruelty free

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