Ankle Strengthening Exercises For Ballet Pre Pointe & Pointe

Ankle Strengthening Exercises For Ballet Pre Pointe & Pointe

Keeping ankles strong for ballet is crucial. In fact, it should be crucial for everyone!
Not only will this allow dancers to have better technique but also it will hopefully keep them injury free.

In this video I go through a routine of my favourite ankle strengthening exercises that help greatly with ballet, pre pointe and pointe.
Simply done with bare feet. I will also do some for demi pointe shoes and pointe shoes in other videos so stay tuned.

I am sure there are some I have forgotten. If so, I will do a follow up. 🙂

Featuring use of a theraband (latex exercise band), tennis ball, spikey massage ball.
All inexpensive equipment and easy to obtain.

As you get stronger you can up the amount of repitions you do.
Start with 10 on each foot and build up from there.

If you follow this video daily you will see a huge difference.
Great to do before ballet class aswell as after and whilst at home!

It’s also great for preventing sickling and correcting ankle alignment.
And for those who do already sickle, this will improve that.

One of the major factors for being ready for starting pointe work is strong ankles and great ankle alignment. So this video will be beneficial for this too.
I will do a seperate post and video about readiness for pointe work at some stage soon.

If you have any current injuries please be careful doing these exercises and seek advice first.
By doing the exercises featured, you do so at your own risk.

More videos on strengthening to come!

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