Sew ribbons and elastics onto pointe shoes Video

In these 2 videos I show you how I sew ribbons and elastics onto pointe shoes.

Everyone has their own method of sewing pointe shoes and you may develop your own technique as time goes on but I have made these videos to help newcomers and to also show those curious how I prepare my shoes.

I use darning thread to sew my shoes with. This stuff here:

sew ribbons and elastics onto pointe shoes

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Some dancers like to even use dental floss to sew with as it gives more strength and is less likely to break on stage.
I do not recommend using bog standard sewing thread as it’s too thin and will have more of a tendency to snap.

I use either a thin or medium needle depending on person preference at the time! And I’m the kind who prefers to sew her ribbons at a forward angle as I feel they sit better that way.



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