Ballet Dancer Interview with Anabelle

Ballet dancer interview time 🙂

Introduce yourself…
I’m Anabelle and I’m seventeen years old. I live in Maesteg in South Wales.

– How old were you when you started ballet?
I started ballet at two and a half in September 1999, so I’ve been dancing 15 years this September. I went to my dance teachers very first lesson when she set up her school and I am still there 15 years on!

ballet dancer interview

– When did you start pointe?
I started pointe about five years ago when I started my vocational grades.

– What is your favorite toe padding to use? And how do you prepare your pointe shoes before wear?
I don’t wear any padding in my shoes normally, I just tape my toes up with toe tape. If my toes are really sore(usually during show rehearsals) I’ll wear a bit of animal wool in the bottom. At the moment I’m wearing bloch aspirations and as I have a high arch I don’t really need to break in the shank. To break in the demi pointe I just put on my shoes and do lots of rises and roll through’s. I used to darn the bottom of my shoes (it used to take ages) but I don’t anymore as my shoes only last on average for about a week.

– What is your fav ballet move?
I really like adage at the barre as I love the fluency of the movement whilst still having a little bit of support there so I can push my arabesques ad attitudes a little higher without falling over. I love doing pirouettes in the centre and I also love grande allegro(especial grande jetes!)

– How often do you take class?
I take class four times a week for two hours. When my exams come around I have extra coaching classes on a Saturday.

– What are your strengths and weaknesses in ballet?
I feel that I have good musicality and performance when I dance and recently my turns have become a lot stronger. I also have quite good flexibility from gymnastics that I have done since I was a year old! My weaknesses are definitely balance as my legs are very sway back. I also have the tendency to frown when I concentrate, especially during free enchements!

ballet dancer interview

– What are your goals in ballet?
My goal at the moment is to get into a good dance school when I am eighteen so that I can further progress and develop as a dancer. My dream is to gain a place in a ballet company so I can do what I love every day of my life. If for some reason it doesn’t work out I would like to become a teacher so that I can pass on my love of dance to younger students and give them all the opportunities I have been given.

– What ballet flat shoes are your fav and why?
I’m using bloch split soles at the moment and absolutely love them as they fit me really well and make my arches look better. They are also so so comfy I never want to take them off!

– Do you have any tips for ballet in general or any advice to give? And do you do any quirky things?
Never let anyone stand in your way. If you want something badly enough you should fight for it whatever anybody says. Never stop working or think you’re not getting anywhere because you are, stick at it! Remember a dancer is never perfect there’s always something to work on so take your corrections and use them to make you better.
I always take my shoes of in school and do my foot exercises underneath the table. If I’m thinking about a certain exercise I always do funny movements with my hands as if I am marking out the steps and that always gains me a few odd looks from my friends and teachers!

– What ballet do you study? Classical, vaganova, etc? Do you do exams?
I currently study RAD ballet(advanced foundation/ advanced one) and ISTD modern(advanced one). I also do a little bit of contemporary at my associate classes which I absolutely love!

– What was your hardest thing to learn en pointe?
So far it has been pirouettes as I always seem to go off balance, however these have been much better recently! My next goal is to take my fouette turns onto pointe and I’m sure this will be a massive challenge but I’m so excited to try!

ballet dancer interview

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