HOW TO: Darn pointe shoes

How to darn pointe shoes

New video! Darning pointe shoes…

how to darn pointe shoes

This is a much requested video tutorial and features how to darn around the edges of pointe shoes. There is also an old school method involving darning the entire platform and the pleats underneath but that will have to wait till another time as it is mighty time consuming!

This method is used by most ballerinas around the world. Some ballerinas use various threads and wool but in this video I show you how to darn using a white wool and a thick needle.

Darning is excellent because it has many benefits! Some of which include:
– Extending the life of the pointe shoe platform
– Giving additional stability and helping with balance
– Extra traction (great for turns)
– Better grip and also picks up rosin well

Here is the video which I uploaded to YouTube:

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