Ballet Interview With Caitlin

Ballet Interview

Time for a fresh dancer feature/interview! This time with Caitlin 🙂

Introduce yourself
My name is Caitlin Anstis  and I am 16 years old.

How old were you when you started ballet?
I was 2, nearly 3 and started Baby Ballet classes (ISTD).

When did you start pointe?
I was 11 so I have been dancing en pointe for 5 years.

ballet interview caitlin

Photography by Derwood Photography

What is your favourite toe padding to use? And how do you prepare your pointe shoes before wear?
I don’t really have a favourite toe padding but I use Ouch pouches and the gel toe tips.
I wear Gaynor Mindens and so to prepare them I go on demi pointe so they don’t spring up when doing rises etc.

What is your favourite ballet move?
I love fouettes and I can now do 32 on demi pointe and am working at them en pointe.I also love Grande Jetes.

How often do you take class?
I do ballet classes every day except Wednesdays due to extra rehearsals for full length ballets.

ballet interview caitlin en pointe

Photography by Derwood Photography

What are your strengths and weaknesses in ballet?
My weaknesses are my core strength which I continually need to work at because of my height.  I also need to work on my flexibility.
My strengths are my jumps and performing.

What are your goals in ballet?
I would like to be a stronger dancer.
I plan to audition successfully for ballet schools to continue my training.

What ballet flat shoes are your fav and why?
I wear Sansha silhouette canvas split sole flat shoes.
I don’t really have a favourite – it’s more which shoe fits the best at the time of buying a new pair!

Do you have any tips for ballet in general or any advice to give? And do you do any quirky things?
Try in everything. Practice makes perfect.
I don’t just do ballet – I do modern, tap, contemporary, singing and acting too.

ballet interview ballet dancer ballerina en pointe

Photography by Derwood Photography

What ballet do you study? Classical, vaganova, etc? Do you do exams?
I study RAD Advanced 1 and 2 and Vaganova Advanced classes which is my favourite style.
I take RAD ballet exams and I will shortly be taking Russian ballet exams.

What was your hardest thing to learn en pointe?
Travelling courus and turns such as pirouttes and fouettes.

ballerina ballet dancer interview en pointe photoshoot

Photography by Derwood Photography

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