Pointe Shoe Fitting

Pointe Shoe Fitting

I am a trained and experienced fitter offering pointe shoe fitting in Essex, London and beyond!

I provide mobile pointe shoe fitting so I can come to you at your dance school or home or anywhere you desire.

Being a dancer myself I know the importance of a correctly fitting pointe shoe and getting the perfect fitting pointe shoes.

I have references available. If you wish to contact me please email me on: leanne@straighttothepointe.net

I stock Grishko pointe shoes and accessories including toe pads, ribbons, elastics and more.

Grishko pointe shoes are superior and last well plus fit amazingly. I have tried MANY brands and feel Grishko to be the most incredible in terms of support, fit, durability and comfort.

I can also assist with custom order pointe shoes should you need a special order pointe shoe or curious about trying one.

pointe shoe fitting grishko

a pointe shoe fitting by me showing a dancer in an ill fitting pointe shoe on the left which is dead to a new well supporting grishko pointe shoe on the right. what a difference!

pointe shoe fitting

pointe shoe fitting grishko pointe shoes

pointe shoe fitting first pointe shoes grishko

pointe shoe fitting a dancer getting her very first pointe shoes grishko of course


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