pointe shoe fitting in Essex

Pointe Shoe Fitting in Essex

Pointe shoe fitting in Essex
I am a highly experienced pointe shoe fitter and official Grishko stockist.
I am able to travel to you in person to fit pointe shoes. Either at your home or your dance school or wherever you may be!
I have plenty of references available and you may find some of them over at my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/tothepointefitting/reviews?ref=page_internal

I provide a very thorough fitting service. No time slot! I like to spend however long it takes finding the perfect pointe shoes for a dancer.

I can also help with custom order pointe shoes.

I have fitted many dance schools who are returning customers and whom love the thorough pointe shoe fitting I provide and the knowledge I have too.

Pointe shoe sewing and darning services are also available and I am also happy to teach both students and parents how to sew and prepare their pointe shoes and how to break pointe shoes in.

Get in contact email me now on: leannejessica@gmail.com
Find me on facebook: www.facebook.com/tothepointefitting
Plus instagram: www.instagram.com/straighttothepointeballet
And twitter: www.twitter.com/pointeballetuk

Maybe you are having issues with your current pointe shoes or perhaps you have an injury or reocurring blisters? I love to problem solve and get dancers into the correct shoe for them so they no longer have to feel pain!

Here are some pointe shoe fitting photos from fittings I have done 🙂

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