PointePeople Pointe Paint (Pointe Shoe Dye) Tutorial Video

PointePeople Pointe Paint (Pointe Shoe Dye) Tutorial Video

Need/want coloured pointe shoes? Pointe shoe dye can be baffling. I even made a video a few years ago featuring how to do it with sharpie pens or dylon dye.

Plus not forgetting the option to do special order with Grishko/Nikolay and have your pointe shoes made in a variety of colour satins (including skin tones now!)
But sometimes, it’s just super fun to dye your pointe shoes yourself and great to do on old pointe shoes too! Plus, with PointePeople pointe paint it makes the process fast so no waiting around for special order pointe shoes.

Pointe paint comes in a handy bottle with a sponge tip applicator that allows you to cover a lot of surface area in a great amount of time.
It is a water based dye and washes off your hands easily (should you not wish to wear gloves!)
It does not rub off onto floors and dries fast.
Your shoes also won’t shrink. And the fabric also won’t loose it’s texture.

There are many colours available including skin tones and also the colours of say calamine lotion – for those of you who are required to “pancake” your pointe shoes matte and to your skin tone or tights colour, and are fed up with using calamine lotion or pancake make-up!

In my video below on YouTube I show you how to apply Pointe Paint and also show you special order option for Grishko/Nikolay pointe shoes in different coloured satins.

Huge thanks to one of my instagram followers who kindly gifted me with a variety of colours of pointe paint. 🙂

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