How To 3 Quarter Pointe Shoe Shanks Video

In this video I show you how to 3 quarter pointe shoe shanks.

This can help the shoe last longer and also help give more flexibility to the shoe around the arch which in turn helps dancers achieve full pointe (get onto the platform of the shoe). However I do not recommend beginners do this and nor dancers with weak feet using it as a easy way to get on the platform otherwise you will never achieve the strength required in your feet for pointe.

If you are finding you are breaking the shanks in your pointe shoes quickly and haven’t tried 3 quarter shanks yet, then I highly suggest giving this a shot.
Shanks are typically broken because sometimes the dancers foot isn’t being molded to the shanks correctly and therefore the weight not being distributed evenly which, results in the shank taking too much and making it break faster or just snap!
By 3 quartering the shank it helps the shank to mold better to the arch of the dancers foot which then enables better weight distribution.

I am 3 quartering a pair of Grishko 2007 pointe shoes in this video which I hope will help some of you out who wear Grishko because Grishkos are known for being hard to 3 quarter by yourself (of course make sure your pointe shoes aren’t already 3 quartered lol). 2007’s can come full length shank and 3 quarter. This pair are 3 quartered already but I wanted abit extra taken away.

You can also make your shanks into a half shank! Personally I do not recommend doing this unless you are semi pro or professional and like your shoes this way… Some pointe shoes even come made with a half shank.
If you are a young dancer doing this please get help from an adult as it can be quite dangerous.

Find more videos like this over at my YouTube Channel.

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