Bunheads Stitch Kit Review

Bunheads stitch kit review…

This product is made by the company Bunheads who can be found over at: http://www.capezio.com/
I do believe Bunheads is owned by Capezio?…

Anyways… I originally brought this cute little kit a few years ago but lost it so decided at the weekend to replace it with another from Capezio in London. This time the version I brought came in a bigger container and was priced at £6

bunheads stitch kit review

image from www.all4dance.ca

The kit contains:
75 yards of super-strong, bonded nylon thread
2 large-eye needles for easy threading

It’s perfect for both pointe shoes and soft ballet slippers alike.
It comes in black white and pink.

The thread feels like it has a wax coating and is super strong which I prefer.

bunheads stitch kit review

image from www.tabeo.de

The fact it comes in a cute container which also has the option to thread the thread through the top and cut it off using the metal cutter at the top is super handy for on the go 🙂 though of course don’t forget to bring scissors with you too if you need to cut your ribbons and elastics!

My first kit lasted me a long time and I’m sure you could replace the thread yourself after instead of buying it again 🙂

You can purchase it online too over at:
dancewear.co.uk (Porselli)

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