ALL You Need To Know About Demi Pointe Shoes AKA Soft Blocks, Soft Pointes, Etc Plus Grishko Info Including Vegan Option

ALL You Need To Know About Demi Pointe Shoes


This video will tell you ALL you need to know about demi pointe shoes! Also known as: soft blocks, soft pointes, pre pointe shoes, etc. I am a professional pointe shoe fitter and I also provide information regarding Grishko demi pointes including vegan option!

Please watch the video for full information but here are some pointers:

  • Demi pointe shoes are often worn by dancers before getting their first pointe shoes. Some teachers and schools do not care for demi pointe shoes. However, all fellow pointe shoe fitters I have spoken to and of course myself included, all believe that a dancer who has worn demi pointes for a while before going for a first pointe shoe fitting has great benefits.
  • Demi pointe shoes can also be worn by dancers already en pointe. They are also often used for certain levels of ballet exam in particular The Royal Academy Of Dance is a popular one. Other associations require them too but some associations it is actually not manadatory to wear them for any of the exams.
  • By wearing demi pointe shoes on a regular basis, dancers will see a high improvement in strength in the feet, ankles and even the toes. Plus, better articulation of the feet, greater stability, improved demi pointe position, increased arch strength, better foot placement and also improved pointe work.
  • Just learning to walk in first pointe shoes and also learning how to jump and land is very difficult at first. If you worked in demi pointes before hand this will actually make it easier.
  • The demi pointe shoe is very similiar to a real pointe shoe. It helps dancers get used to the confinements of a pointe shoe. Especially the toe box and the way it feels around the sides of the foot.

Demi pointe shoes must be fitted. They should not be purchased online.

Getting the correct fit is essential. Each brand/model fits differently. The wrong fit can indeed cause injury just like a bad fitting pointe shoe.

I fit demi pointe shoes and if you would like a fitting with me please feel free to contact me on either of the following:



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