Adult Ballet Classes London – Including Fran’s First Ballet Classes

Adult Ballet Classes London – Vlog

Adult Ballet Classes London – a vlog created by me this week. In fact, it’s my first vlog! I am getting the hang of it and will do more.

In this vlog Fran gets to take her first adult ballet classes in London. I will be taking her to other classes to try too.

First up, we head to Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden for Michael Branwell’s classes.
I have been a regular to Michael’s classes here for a while. They are every Monday 10:30am – 12noon elementary technique class in which you can wear pointe shoes if you wish for as long as you like. Then we switch studios for a 1 hour beginners pointe class which runs from 12noon till 1pm. You pay Pineapple day membership plus money to the teacher for the classes and the price is great.
Feel free to go to the Pineapple timetable for more info:

Michael’s classes are pretty relaxed and a good class for all levels even total beginners. However, please be advised that the elementary class is that – elementary… So if you are looking for a class that breaks down every single step this isn’t for you. But it’s a great class to try if you want to get the gist of a more full on class and if you wish to work on the techniques you have already learned.
The pointe class is pretty basic. With pretty much the same exercises each week (unless you ask the teacher to do something you want to try). But the atmosphere is very friendly in both classes and has a very “family” vibe to it. I have made many great friends from Pineapple.

Next up we headed to Danceworks which is near Selfridges on Bond Street in London. I have been there before but never to try Karis Scarlette’s classes. We both went to Karis’s beginner class. Even when you have experience in ballet (regardless of level) I highly recommend going back to beginner classes every once in a while to refresh and work on those solid foundations… The class was a little big for my liking (which, I tend to find with Danceworks). I feel Danceworks needs to limit the numbers per class. However – Karis is lovely and certainly a wonderful teacher. I would love to try her other levels of classes available sometime.
Karis runs En Avant Ballet. Find more out at her website:

Those of you who have done ballet classes with a variety of teachers will know that each teacher has something different to offer. It’s really important in my opinion to frequently take classes with different teachers. You will learn so much more.

Tune in soon for my next vlog with more info regarding adult ballet classes London!

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