Vegan Ballet Shoes Slippers Demi Pointes & Pointe Shoes Grishko

Vegan Ballet Shoes Slippers Demi Pointes & Pointe Shoes Grishko

It’s so wonderful that Grishko offer not only vegan ballet shoes (also known as slippers), demi pointe shoes (also known as soft blocks or soft pointes), but they also offer vegan pointe shoes!

Being vegan myself, I know how important it is to maintain a vegan lifestyle by having such options in vegan dance wear available.

vegan ballet shoes grishko vegan ballet slippers vegan dream stretch stretch tek grishkos cruelty free

Ballet slippers Dream Stretch Model Vegan

Pretty much all models of Grishko ballet slippers, demi pointes and pointe shoes can be made in vegan option. 🙂

So, you may be wondering, what makes them vegan?

– The sole on most ballet shoes is usually made with non vegan materials such as suede and leather.

Grishko change this by swapping it for a beautiful soft microfibre.

– The outer material of the slipper, demi pointe or pointe shoe is usually made of either leather, satin (which obviously is vegan)

but sometimes also silk.

Grishko keep the vegan options in satin, canvas or linen.

– If glues are used in the production of ballet slippers, demi pointes or pointe shoes, they are often not cruelty free let alone vegan friendly.

Grishko use cruelty free AND vegan glues in the production of their items.

Usually, most items are special order only which take up to 6 weeks. But it is well worth the wait for the incredible standards!

Sometimes they may have stock of vegan ballet slippers but not in all models and not in all sizes and widths.

vegan demi pointe shoes vegan soft blocks vegan soft pointes vegan ballet shoes grishko grishkos vegan demi pointe

Vegan Demi Pointe Shoes in Maya 1 Model with adjustments to vamp etc

I myself have tried many other brands vegan options but have not been satisfied by the variety available or the materials used.

Grishko wins hands down for me. I just cannot find the top quality and the wide variety of options offered 🙂

Something for everyone!

vegan pointe shoes coloured colour vegan pointes grishko grishkos

Vegan Pointe Shoes in custom colour 🙂 bubblegum pink! Maya 1 with adjustments to vamp etc too

If you need assistance with sizing and ordering please feel free to contact me: go here.

Here is a video all about the options available by Grishko:

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