Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes Also Known As Nikolay 3007 (UK stockist!)

Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes

Grishko 3007 pointe shoes also known as Nikolay 3007, came onto the market in 2019.
Originally for the USA, Mr Grishko himself wanted me to try them out and provide my thoughts and feedback to the team.

I kept this quiet until I knew for sure that they would be available elsewhere. So today, 26th December, I bring you the news that they will indeed be available to everyone!

I shall be getting my stock in January. And, as always, I am happy to ship if you cannot get to me. Of course, it is important to ensure you know your size/width and shank! Always be fitted by a fitter who knows their stuff!

If you would like to come to me for a fitting, I have a fitting room in Essex in England. I also travel out to dancer’s homes and dance studios and schools directly if there are at least a few of you to make it worth the travel. Please email me for details!

Video about the Grishko 3007 pointe shoes to come ASAP!

The Grishko 3007 is based on the classic Grishko 2007. It has modifications (which, I actually wanted and my dreams were answered!) So the 3007 is very much welcome!

3007 fits exactly the same as the classic 2007 model.

Stay tuned for more information.

I personally tried the 3007 pointe shoes and so did 2 of my dancers. Here is a photo of Dancer Tori in medium shank.

Grishko 3007 pointe shoes Nikolay 3007 pointe shoes straight to the pointe

Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes Photo of Dancer Tori

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