Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes In Stock UK! Nikolay 3007

Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes In Stock UK!

Grishko 3007 pointe shoes now in stock! I am the very first UK stockist and was also the first to try them in the UK! As a Grishko Master Pointe Shoe Fitter I helped the Grishko team a lot recently so being the first to stock them was very much welcomed!

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Grishko 3007 pointe shoes UK in stock Nikolay

3007 Pointe Shoes UK In Stock

If you already wear 2007 or any of the models based on 2007 such as (Nova, Miracle, Dream Pointe, Dream Pointe 2007, etc) then you are very welcome to order from me online and I can ship worldwide. I will even give you a video call to check the size/width/shank from afar. (I know this is tricky to do but I’ve found great success in doing this so far) but obviously cannot give you a proper fitting through a video call and if you haven’t worn Grishko at all before then I recommend you do not buy online and have a professional fitting first.

Grishko 3007 pointe shoes Nikolay 3007 3007s UK stock master pointe shoe fitter grishkos nikolays

Grishko 3007 Pointe Shoes UK Stock! (Nikolay)

I travel the entire UK offering very thorough, in depth pointe shoe fittings. Fitting beginners all the way through to professionals. I also have a fitting room in Essex (30 minutes from London).

If you missed it, I did a very detailed video on YouTube explaining the differences between the 2007 and 3007 models. You can view it here:

If you enjoyed the classic 2007 it’s likely you will enjoy the 3007! I go through all the fine details in the video. So be sure to watch!

As a Grishko Master Pointe Shoe Fitter – I know the shoes inside out! So if you have any questions do drop me an email.

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