2007 Pointe Shoe Models! – ALL You Need To Know About The Grishko/Nikolay 2007 Last!

2007 Pointe Shoe Models – Everything You Need To know!


Want to know more about ALL the models built on the infamous Grishko/Nikolay 2007 last!?
Well this video is for you! PACKED full of intricate information. EVERY detail! Box construction, box paste, platform, shank construction and feeling, etc!
And not forgetting how they feel en pointe! Because I’ve worn them all!

This video was a spontaneous live stream from my instagram. Hence the quality isn’t amazing. I will film it again sometime in landscape and in 4K.

List Of Pointe Shoe Models Built On 2007 Last:
– 2007 (lol)
– 2007 Pro
– 2007 Proflex
– 3007
– 3007 Pro
– 3007 Proflex
– Exam Demi Pointe
– Alice
– Novice 2007
– Nova
– Nova Pro
– Nova Flex
– Miracle
– Dream Pointe
– Dream Pointe 2007 Pre Arched (Also Known As Allure)
– Katya

As a Grishko Master Pointe Shoe Fitter – I know the shoes inside out! So if you have any questions do drop me an email. And I also offer in person pointe shoe fittings and virtual pointe shoe fittings.

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