Pointe Shoe Box Shapes – Pointe Shoe Fitting Series

Pointe Shoe Box Shapes (Pointe Shoe Fitting Series)


Pointe shoe box shapes are one of the many crucial things that should be considered with pointe shoe fitting.

Here is the video from YouTube. Which also features information about Grishko/Nikolay pointe shoe box shapes and the stunning wide variety available.

In the video you will learn many things such as:

  • Why box shapes are important.
  • How to choose the box shape
  • How it can go wrong. And more!

Depending on your toe configuration, if you have any lumps and bumps such as bunions, tailors bunions and more, the profile height of your foot, and more factors! Will determine what box shapes will be best for you to try.

Sometimes it can take a bit of trial and error. And don’t forget feet can change over time. So it’s important to get a professional pointe shoe fitting often. Personally I feel once every 6 months is ideal if possible. Especially for dancers who are en pointe frequently.

Did you know, Grishko/Nikolay offer the most variety in box shapes compared to any other pointe shoe brand? Plus a huge variety in other components of the shoes too, such as: box paste, shank construction, shank strength and much more! Plus so much can be changed in custom/special order too.

Remember, I also offer virtual pointe shoe fitting for dancers WORLDWIDE. So feel free to get in touch if you need help! It’s been very successful.

More to come in this series of videos regarding pointe shoe fitting and important things that should be thought about. Do give me a follow on social media for regular updates!

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